Before I even start, if you live in Gauteng and haven’t been to Andiccio 24 then what have you been doing with your  pizza-life? They’re open 24/7 so there’s no excuse to opt for that dodgy garage pie on the way home from a night out.

They undoubtedly have some of the best wood-fired pizza in the greater Johannesburg area.

You could say that I’m an Andiccios fan; you could say that I once visited 5 different Andiccios branches in twenty-fourish hours but that’s another story altogether…

I suppose you could say I like pizza then again who doesn’t?
Dogs can't write.

So, what did I do when I received 100 pens from my favourite pizza place?



Waves of PENS!

Waves of PENS!


Because you can’t eat pens!

No pens were pinched in this process
Ink did not actually eat any of the pens or have any of the pizza.

by Tyrone Ping

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