A Field Guide To Snakes & Other Reptiles Of The Western Cape

In this NEW book, Tyrone showcases the unique animals in beautiful detail, with over 450 colour photographs, concisely written accounts and NEW distribution maps of each species that have been recorded in the region.

The Western Cape is a diverse region with an abundance of unique fauna and flora. With over 150 species of reptiles and some of the most iconic species call the Western Cape home. From the Cape Cobra, Puff Adder and Boomslang. Many of South Africa’s recently described and discovered reptiles have been found in the Western Cape.

The Author has made a conscious effort to convey the information in an easy-to-follow guide which will aid first-time reptile enthusiasts, children wanting to explore the various species and seasoned herpetologists, alike.

You can order your copy by visiting the SHOP NOW page: tyroneping.co.za/product/a-field-guide-to-the-snakes-other-reptiles-of-the-western-cape/ 

Author: Tyrone Ping
ISBN: 978-0-620-98814-5
Format: Soft Cover
Release Date: May 2023
Publisher: Pachydactylus Press Printed In South Africa
Pages: 302

by Tyrone Ping

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