In the real fashion of monthly blogs/reviews I’m almost a whole month late: I of course have a list of excuses from crazy travel plans, a downed internet connection and some far less interesting excuses which I’m not even going to get to.

But seriously having gone through about 8 gigs of mobile data just during the time I’m at home for two weeks has been a little crazy

So far I’ve visited 6 of the 9 provinces (In 61 Days) in South Africa. Here are the next 29 of #365Feet:



Week five: In Review

After January  eventually slowed down the first week of February was a lot more relaxed (thankfully.) Staying in and around Durban with the exception of a Northern KZN stint in St Lucia to locate some Scelotes in Cape Vidal which we were successful in finding in about 10minutes.

Pic Of The Week: #37  Burchell’s coucal, in Vans Authentics Maroon/White.

  • 689Kms
  • One Line.
  • One Manicured Bush.
  • One Bottle of Coconut Water.
  • One Broken Manhole
  • One Sleeping Bird.
  • One Eastern Natal Green Snake.
  • Seven Pairs of Vans

Week 6


Week seven: In Review

It’s almost an identical week to week 5, Durban bound with a weekend expedition to St Lucia, again! More snakes more heat and probably too many pineapples than is acceptable to consume in three days.

Pic Of The Week: #39 – Home, Durban. Vans Icon Sk8 Hi’s.

  • 721Kms
  • Two Sleeping Dogs
  • One 7km run
  • One trip to the airport
  • One puddlegram
  • One Friday time check
  • One falafel
  • One boat ride
  • Six pairs of Vans.
  • One pair of Nike 5.0s



Week 7

Week Seven: In Review

A relatively uninteresting week, besids the long planned trip to the Lembobo mountains to explore some new habaitat and find some new reptilian lifers.

Pic Of The Week: #51 Nyla Jaw Bone, in Vans Authentics Black/White.

  • 786 kms
  • One beach
  • One bae..BAY
  • One lost work colleague
  • One rain day
  • One essential supply stock up
  • One Nyla jaw bone
  • One Warren’s dragon lizard
  • Seven Pairs of Vans




Week Eight: In Review

Three consecutive weekends travelling through to Northern Kwa-Zulu Natal. Summer fruit in season it’s the best.

Pic Of The Week: #59 –  Milk Shark, Cape Vidal. No shoes required.

  • 805 Kms
  • One airport drop
  • One manhole
  • One traffic cone
  • One daily grind
  • One 5km run
  • One shark
  • One pineapple market
  • One mango market
  • Seven Pairs of Vans
  • One Pair of Nikes

The second Month of #365Feet in 5.37 seconds

I’m a little behind on March is coming next with 31 days. It’s been different but sort of the same, more shoes a lot more places!
What’s in store? I’ll have to get to that..


by Tyrone

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