Here’s the thing, it’s no secret brands are always looking out for “influencers” online who can get them a little extra reach and exposure by strategic product drops or having products to sample for a few weeks after which you return them. Which is great if that’s your idea of fun, but that’s not really something that holds any real lasting value or impact.

Campworld is busy running a rad campaign on Instagram at the moment and sent me this really awesome badge. Tag your adventure photo’s on Instagram using #CampworldScouts and you could meet your own #CampworldScouts badge!


Thought this box was epic? Wait till you see what was inside.



Hand embroidered badge of one my Instagram posts.



Some stop frame fun.



Tailored pieces will always leave impressions.

Check out Campworld on Instagram @Campworld_Za
Follow Danielle Clough on Instagram as @fiance_knowles.

Stay wild.

by Tyrone Ping

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