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The full length feature as seen on CNN INSIDE AFRICA “The Little Five” I was fortunate enough enough to be part of this film explaining the importance and threats towards the Natal Midlands Dwarf Chameleon and four other highly threatened species in South Africa.  The film looks into five of the small endangered or vulnerable […]

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Namibia – The Great Adventure Part 3

25/11/2017 Another earlier morning, I photographed and caught a few Namib Rock Agama’s, Boulton’s Day Geckos and Barnard’s Namib Day Geckos and a few more Marbled Rubber frogs. Then released all of the geckos and agamas headed to the main house and chatted with Rene over some tea. We then walked around where she often […]

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What’s In The Box – Andiccio24 – #soxinabox

What’s In The Box? There’s no secret everyone (well almost) loves pizza, I’m no different. Still trying to get over the fact there is no Andiccio24 in Durban. Not that I need any excuse to go to Johannesburg. Andiccio24 sent me this unassuming package a few weeks ago. Something that would come in pretty useful in the #365Feet […]