The full length feature as seen on CNN INSIDE AFRICA “The Little Five”

I was fortunate enough enough to be part of this film explaining the importance and threats towards the Natal Midlands Dwarf Chameleon and four other highly threatened species in South Africa.  The film looks into five of the small endangered or vulnerable species across South Africa and the people who dedicated to help change that and bring an awareness to these charismatic species.


by Tyrone Ping


  1. Rob Fisher says:

    Hi, All my cape dwarf chameleons have disappeared, having been happy and breeding in the garden for decades.
    I blame the fiscal shrikes (butcher birds) who set up a nest in the garden. The other shrikes (Bou bou) and cuckoo seem to have their own diet.
    Should I hunt out the butcher birds as I know they are voracious (excess) hunters?
    Regards, Rob.

    • Tyrone Ping says:

      Hi Rob,

      While The Shrikes do feed on chameleons they have always and are natural predators of chameleons. In urban environments, electric fences and cats have the greatest impact.

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