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Namaqualand Road Trip 2019: Part 2

Day 4  – Leaving Augrabies Falls National Park – Springbok (300,2km) Continuing where we left off with the second segment of a trip across Namaqualand. Around 20km from Augrabies Falls National Park we encountered our first casualty a Karoo Sand Snake and an hour or so later a Dwarf Beaked Snake. The temperatures were exceedingly […]

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Snakes And Their Fang Structure.

SNAKES AND THEIR FANG STRUCTURE IN SOUTH AFRICA. The different species of venomous snakes have different fang structures, venom types and different delivery methods to inject their venom. The delivery methods and fang structures depend on various factors such as habits, prey and the environment where the snake lives. Essentially fangs are modified teeth and […]

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Eastern Green Mamba Hatching

Eastern Green Mamba (Dendroaspis angusticeps) Hatching In Photos  Snakes may not be everyone’s idea of cute and cuddly animals and the truth is you should never cuddle a potentially venomous snake anyway. But you cannot help but marvel at the fascinating way these animals lay their eggs, abandon them and somehow the eggs survive the […]