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Field work in the lesser known Kwa-Zulu Natal nature reserves.

Over the last 9 days a friend Theo Busschau and I ventured into some of Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa’s lesser explored Nature Reserves and historical records looking for two specific species. Afroedura pondolia – Pondo Flat Gecko. Leptotyphlops sylvicolus – Southern Forest Thread Snake. The major issue is some records were over 35years old and […]

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Scelotes inornatus – Durban Dwarf Burrowing Skink.

Scelotes inornatus. Distribution: Endemic to South Africa and limited to the greater Durban area of KwaZulu-Natal, from the Durban beachfront (next to the old FitzSimons Snake Park) in the north to Scottburgh in the south, and as far inland as Woodlands/Montclair. The published localities (Broadley 1994) on the northern and southern banks of the Umgeni […]

Bradypodion pumilum | Cape Dwarf Chameleon | Tyrone Ping
Bradypodion, Chameleon, Photography, Reptiles, Road Life, Travel

Western Cape Exploration – The Winter Herping

On my previous trip to this area of the Western Cape in February was quite a different experience, in February the weather was hot, dry and relatively quiet on the reptile front with hours spent in the field offering very little rewards. This time around thankfully was a vastly different experience. Earlier in the year I […]