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St Lucia – December 2017

The days leading up to this have been rather dismal,  loads of rain and generally typically summer weather meant there was little in the ways of reptile activity in and around Durban. I decided late on Friday afternoon after packing a few things and finishing up with some work to head out to St Lucia. […]

Prosymna janii - Mozambique Shovel Snout.
Field Trips, Kwa Zulu Natal, Photography, Road Life, snakes

Prosymna janii – Mozambique Shovel-Snout.

Prosymna janii – Mozambique Shovel-Snout. This species is a nocturnal burrower, inhabiting coastal dune forest, coastal forest, woodland or grassland areas (Marais 1992). It is known to feed on hard-shelled gecko (Lygodactylus and Hemidactylus) eggs (Broadley 1992). Marais (1992) states that this snake may be threatened by the extensive use of off-road vehicles and by […]